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somewhat missing the point

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Why We Need The Internet

Okay so I haven’t been on tumblr in about 2 years but today I learnt that my OTP are not the cannon that the fucking author wanted and I am struggling to deal with it in really not okay way that my housemates are just looking at me and asking me if I ate too many biscuits and that if I should go to bed 

No, I don’t need to go to bed. I need the internet. Romione are perfect and the internet knows and understands that. Jo, some things need to stay inside your head because this whole “childhood ruined” thing is not okay. There are real emotions and real tears and real actual grabs at my own face. 

It’s almost not even the fact that Jo has effectively destroyed my understanding of love that carried me through my adolescence - that love comes from knowing people’s faults and accepting them anyway and that actually you can’t fucking help who you fall in love with because it isn’t a tangible thing that can be fit into a box and the HP series doesn’t fit into boxes generally, especially not with love. The whole fucking point of the series is that love is unpredictable and powerful and magic. THAT’S THE POINT. So no, it’s not even about the fact that she’s gone against everything that her books stand for about love by saying that Harry and Hermione - the main boy and the main girl who are both strong in very obvious ways and if it was an American Rom Com would fall in love just because “that’s how it goes” - are who she would put together. No, despite how rubbish that is, it’s not even that that is bringing all of the feels. 

It’s the fact that Jo is admitting that Ron isn’t as good. That because he isn’t as intelligent, or as stupidly chivalrous, or as good at time management, or as confident, or as tactical with words, that he is somehow less loveable. Somehow less worthy of Hermione’s (I’m sure at times, very difficult) love. Ron is brave, and loyal, and caring and loving and funny and complex and mature and so fucking important to keeping Hermione’s feet on the ground. Ron is fucking great and by turning around and saying that he isn’t good enough for Hermione - isn’t as good as Harry - she is destroying something that resonated with so many young people for so many years; that actually just being a bloody good person who cares about people is IMPORTANT. 

I don’t even really know what I’m trying to say but I just have so many feels right now, internet. And I need you to even just pretend that you’ve read them because somehow that will make it all better. Somehow, internet, you will tell me that you feel the same way and we can all sit down and know that because everything Jo has done before now has been perfect, she is merely filling her statistical quota of mistakes when she says she doesn’t believe in Romione.

It’s okay Jo, we will forgive you. In time. 

No Legs


what do you call a fish with no legs

a fsh

Do you have a youtube channel?

I do, but it is rather poor I am afraid. Do YOU have a youtube channel anon?

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In Victorian times they invented a tea cup to prevent your moustache from getting wet.

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Sir, your lawn’s broken.

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A red squirrel carries its baby in its mouth as it bounds along a fence in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada  Picture: KEN YUEL / CATERS NEWS


Celebrity crush: Zooey Deschanel.


Celebrity crush: Zooey Deschanel.